It's the hard moments that show your true self

It's the hard moments that show your true self

I stay pretty quiet due to knowing everyone has something they are struggling with. I think we are all champions and warriors fighting a hidden fight. These last 2 years a lot happened that tested me. The death of my heart horse, River. Lost of my father, my dog, my youngest child's horse, a lady who was like a second mother, seemed like the hits just didn't stop. 

Yet I keep looking for the light, the silver lining. The adoption of Raynne, Mya's kissing spine surgery leading to her being a calmer and happier horse. Building family relationships that I hadn't nurtured when I was in survivor mode. Starting to come back to the person in the mirror I recognize and like. 

For those fighting a fight, please know my thoughts are with you. It's not easy. This whole 'but it will make you stronger' is the last thing you want to hear when you're in the muck. Please be kind to yourself, please remember to take a moment that is just for you. 

Part of this journey is learning healthy boundaries. In the past, I spent a lot of days feeling chained to my sewing machine. I enjoy making the boots, picking the color combos, working with clients, creating custom boots for the hard to fit four legged buddies. I love all the pictures and successes! But I need to enjoy the day too. I shouldn't watch the sun rise and set while still behind the sewing machine. So as of this year, there is a limited number of boots. I need to go enjoy the horses that I did this for. I need to spend time with the Mya and Raynne. River was why I started this business, spending time with his sister, and his namesake is needed. 

Please continue to place your orders! I recommend earlier rather than later. 

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