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Baby Fly Boots-Pair

Baby Fly Boots-Pair

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I am so excited to roll these out! This are a light boot made to fit AND GROW with your foal/weanling. They are made out of a light weight mesh, our flexible stays, and heavy duty velcro with an elastic base. 

Foals are honestly the hardest to fit. They have such a small area of heel bulb with a long upright pasturn/cannon. On top of it, they grow like weeds. What could fit them 1 week may not the next. When Allyson asked about boots for Finn I was eager for the new challenge. She was great about not only the fit, but adjustments and tracking how he did with them. They stayed on without rubs and grew with him as he went from a few weeks to months old. 

These are a lighter weight boot very much customed to this application. These boots are sold by the pair (2 boots). Available in purple, pink, blue, gray, lime and maroon. Elastic color will vary. 13" tall, base stretches from 8-10".

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