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Custom mini fly boots-Pair

Custom mini fly boots-Pair

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We love minis! They are determined, and a cuteness overload! They are also really hard to find anything to fit well in fly boots. That's why all of our mini boots are custom made to the measurements you provide. We need 2 numbers. The measurement  around at the fattest part of their heel bulbs, and the height you want the boot. Mini boots are available up to 10" at the base, and 10.5" tall. 

They are available in Teal, Orange, and Blue!  These fly boots feature heavy weight vinyl-coated nylon mesh with our flexible double stays to ensure that the boots will flex with your horse and not dig in to the sensitive ankle or knee/hock areas. All of our boots are lined at the bottom with a soft nylon material that does not hold on to dirt, foxtails, mud, or debris. All boots are reversible - so when one side gets dirty, just put them on the other way round. They can be hosed off, or washed in the machine on cold.

You will receive one pair (2 boots) for each item that you purchase - so if you just want boots for your horse's front legs, just buy one pair. If you want boots for all four legs, you'll need 2 pairs. Please make sure to read and follow our sizing information to ensure proper fit to your horse.


MEASUREMENTS: Please put your measurements in the 'order special instructions' in your cart during check-out! 

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