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Limited Edition Double Fly Boots-Pair

Limited Edition Double Fly Boots-Pair

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The double fly boots offer 2 layers of mesh! They are build extra strong for the rough and tumble horse. The 2 layers of mesh have a iridescent effect that's fun to watch as the horse moves. While these are extra strong, they still incorporate the flexable stay system, soft nylon base and tough 2" velcro that makes them ok for sensitive skinned horses. 2023 update - locking vecro layers at the bottom of the boot to ensure them staying on.

You will receive one pair (2 boots) for each item that you purchase - so if you just want boots for your horse's front legs, just buy one pair. If you want boots for all four legs, you'll need 2 pairs. Please make sure to read and follow our sizing information to ensure proper fit to your horse.

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